Oriskany Strings  band plays old time mountain music
Four band members are EMT volunteers at Eagle Rock Rescue Squad. Please visit the squad website.

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"I used to listen to the Carter family years and years ago and your band reminds me of them. It's foot-tapping, heart-warming music. I'm so glad you have a CD now, so I can listen to your songs all the time."
-- Pete Robertson, Brown Summit, North Carolina

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Click to enlarge - Oriskany Strings at the Rex Theater in Galax, VA on January 7, 2005
The Oriskany Strings in Mayberry (Mt Airy, NC)
January 14, 2006
Original mountain music songs written by Oriskany Strings band member James Christian
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Here's our brand new album just completed in February 2006. The album contains 16 songs of which 13 were written by James Christian. As an added treat, James sings lead on most of the songs in this album.

James writes songs about the beautiful country where we live. His songs have a distinct "old-time" feel and capture the spirit of life in Applachia. His songs express an abiding faith, a deep love of nature and a longing for simpler times. The beautiful voice of James Christian combines magically with the wonderful harmonies and music of the Oriskany Strings.We think you are going to love this new album, but you be the judge, listen to the samples.

Great mountain music recorded at Live Radio Show in the Rex Theater Galax Virginia
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Here's the complete two-hour show of this wonderful old time band as it was performed on January 7, 2005 in the historic Rex Theater in Galax, Virginia. Come join in the fun and listen to the hilarious intros, jokes and great songs as they perform in old-time costume to a roaring full house. Ever hear a wash tub bass play the boogie-woogie? Ever hear a clawhammer and bluegrass banjo play together? Ever hear the William Tell Overture played on a cell phone during a concert? Well, you'll hear it all as this wonderfully entertaining group of artists give you a historic musical tour of their little mountain home town in Oriskany, Virginia. And not only does this band play and sing well, they write some of their own songs. You'll love them! Listen to samples of Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Oriskany Strings band album of mountain Gospel Music
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“Mostly Gospel” is an album like no other – 11 gospel songs and one very touching love song performed by an old-time mountain music band, the Oriskany Strings.

Can you imagine what it was like to go to a little white church in the country during the 1920s and '30s? Besides hearing all the good old hymns, you might have been entertained by a local band playing their banjos, guitars and perhaps even a washtub bass. The little church would resonate with male and female voices singing melodies and harmonies. Well, you can hear it again on this album.

“Mostly Gospel” takes you on a trip back in time. In a single moment you will find yourself attending that little white church. You will clap your hands and stomp your feet to the beat of the music. It reaches into your soul! Join in, sing along and praise the Lord. Listen to samples.

Now you can also buy individual songs from our Mostly Gospel album in mp3 format. Just click on this banner. Listen and buy Oriskany Strings songs online.

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"I really love to hear your group! You remind me of the old Chuck Wagon Gang records, only you sound even better. Your voices blend so well."
- Bill Bryant, Galax Virginia
"Your band brings back old songs to my memory, and I like the new ones you do that I haven't heard before too. I think your music appeals to young and old alike.."
- Mary Sue Surber,
Martinsville, Virginia

"Listening to the Oriskany Strings takes me back to the days when my father used to play the fiddle and my family sang together. When I hear your music, it just makes me want to hear more!"
- Liz Inman, Martinsville, Virginia
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